Happy 14th Birthday Valentine Girl!

My baby turns 14!  How did that happen???

Okay, I have been more creative in the past month than I have over the past year.  I created a 12 x 12 album holding 21 pages for a friend’s husbands 60th birthday.  I made a Valentine card (seen in previous post) and two birthday cards

(sorry about the lighting)

and created party favours…

for this…

A pretty Birthday Banner…

The girl’s enjoyed ‘The Godfather’ desserts!

Oh yes and I also made my first ever giant cupcake!  I nkow, I know I need to work on my icing techniques!

A gift for a friend.  I used MME to make the card.  I LOVE MME!

I bought this memo board for £6.99 from ‘The Range’ before Christmas.  I’d seen the extremely talented Wendy McKee’s board here http://wendymckee.blogspot.com/2010/08/altered-clip-board.html and loved it.  So I decided to get one that I could use for the Seasons/occasions!  I did mean to redo it for Valentine’s but time passed by ; ) you know how it is!  Check out Wendy’s blog, she is super creative!

Thanks for stopping by!

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